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“Horrible Bosses 2”

Sequels RARELY are better than their original. Sure there is the odd “Godfather: Part Two”, but generally the philosophy of studios is “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”.
For “Horrible Bosses”, this mantra is still in force in a number of ways. The premise of three dumbasses (played by Jason Batemen, Charlie Day and Jason Sudeikis) trying to better their bosses through hilarious criminal activities could apply to the 2011 comedy smash as to this late 2014 retread.
However, this does pull better laughs, take more chances than the original. Plus we have Christoph Waltz and Jamie Foxx back together in the same movie! Joy!
The boys are back and are their new "Horrible Boss" is a Captain James T. Kirk.

The boys are back and are their new “Horrible Boss” is a Captain James T. Kirk.

It’s only occasionally that a detail referring to the first film will slightly confuse the unfamiliar. Certain characters reappear from the first movie with some clunky exposition explaining who they are and why they’re important. Then there’s more clunky exposition over what’s happened in between movies.
A number of the jokes hit bullseye. Yet I can’t exactly call this a complete masterpiece. The jokes are better than the majority of internet jokes and pretty much anything from the “SOMETHING Movie” franchise. But don’t expect the genius of “Airplane” back in theatres soon. There are no real zingers that I will be quoting in a week’s time.
Considering that this is a sequel (and a COMEDY sequel at that), this is a very non-horrible time.
Recommended Scenario: When you want to see what “The Hangover” sequels should have been about.
If what I have written tells you that you would like this film, you can book tickets to see it at your local Cineworld here.                                                                                       Cineworld

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