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“The Penguins of Madagascar”

Pixar are in real trouble. Not only have their recent projects met with “meh” responses and their parent company has recently decided to just copy their once unique animation style, but other companies have been competing with genuinely brilliant family films.

Dreamworks is giving us their second attempt at a spin-off and like “Puss In Boots”, they have taken one of the funniest elements of their current biggest trilogy and give it the breathing space of 90 minutes.

The Penguins, like in the “Madagascar” films, are a quartet of comedy gold, flightless birds. Their petite proportions and cute outward appearance makes the best disguise possible for their inner secret agent identities. Whoever came up with this idea deserves a Mark Twain award!

As they come up against an equally funny villain (whose identity I shall not dare spoil), they are joined by an animal intelligence force led by a wolf played by Benedict Cumberbatch. (Who actually has a real-life problem with pronouncing the word “penguin”. Seriously it is in the movie!)

The birds are back to waddle cutely and kick major butt!

The birds are back to waddle cutely and kick major butt!

I had so much fun watching this movie. Every moment was either heart-warming, hilarious or ingeniously action-packed. A couple of scenes had me laughing at the sheer 3D ridiculousness of the situation.

This movie is easily accessible, even to those who even haven’t seen the previous “Madagascar” films. Pixar may be in a pickle, but Dreamworks are swimming in honey!

Recommended Scenario: You want a family film which gets straight to the point. And the point is PENGUIN SECRET AGENTS!

If what I have written tells you that you would like this film, you can book tickets to see it at your local Cineworld here.                                                                                       Cineworld

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