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Big Hero 6 (3D)

Confusingly enough this is one of the few big action monsters to not be a sequel right now.

Big Hero 6 is a story based on a Marvel Comic book about Hiro, a fourteen year old boy, and a superhero-esque adventure he goes on with a kind medical robot, named Baymax.

The Stay-Puff Monster now has a starring role!

The Stay-Puff Monster now has a starring role!

People have been going absolutely crazy for this film. And I can definitely see why. The characters are memorable, the animation fluid and the humour excellent.

Baymax is one of those CG characters, like Gollum or Wall-E, whose existence could be a pleasurable bonus to a solid movie, or a pain in the backside like many of my friends predicted he would be.

I run a strict no spoiler policy. All I will reveal is that this movie does not let up from the moment it starts. It also becomes a bit of a tear-jerker at times. Hiro is a boy we can sympathise with as he doesn’t mope when things go bad, though we can see that things go really bad for him.

Two problems exist for me. For one, why in this Disney Superhero Movie that eventually walks into the superhero genre do I not see The Incredibles anywhere? (Seriously, that deserves a sequel more than Cars or Monsters Inc did.)

The second is that the dialogue, though involving and mostly realistic for the wonderfully put together characters to say, does a few too many exposition dumps and sometimes comes into play when a moment could be sweet and quiet. Exposition is not necessarily a bad thing. But the characters have to speak it in a way that feels natural. See David Fincher’s work for more information. Of course, don’t do that if you’re in the intended audience for Big Hero 6.

Overall, while this may not be the best animated superhero film, this is a particularly solid family film that I think people of all ages will enjoy.

I’ve reviewed three family films over the course of three days. Next week let’s counteract the kid-friendliness with Fifty Shades of Grey!

Recommended Scenario: If you want your emotions to be affected by the mascot for Michelen Tyres.

If what I have written tells you that you would like this film, you can book tickets to see it at your local Cineworld here.                                                                                       Cineworld

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