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The Avengers: Age of Ultron

With 11 movies under its belt and thousands of more comics to pull stories from, the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) is fast becoming the most extensive movie franchise of all time. Marvel is truly an unstoppable force.

This latest film has its mightiest characters teaming up for the first time since 2012’s Avengers Assemble. This time they have to battle an evil robot and themselves.


2015 has been a good year so far for robofile cinefiles.

This next piece of information is probably going to surprise you. Before watching this film, and this does not include Guardians of the Galaxy whose continuity is irrelevant here, I had not seen ANY of the previous films in its “Universe”!

You may be wondering why then did I start with this film, so late into the series? Well, I hope that I could act as the voice of the newcomer to this franchise. I went into the theatre, armed with only my assembled (the irony of that word does not escape me) knowledge from internet spoilers of the previous films and the obvious knowledge that any characters who were in previous films must have survived to be in this one.

So, how does Ultron grab me, as a newcomer? I must say, I’m impressed.

Our heroes are people with clearly defined personalities and relationships, a not inconsiderable feat for such a large cast. The dialogue is funny, but never involves Batman and Robin style puns.

I expected to walk out this movie with at least one character I did not like. I ended up liking ALL of them. In particular I enjoyed Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow. A femme fatale can be caring and badass!

(Sidenote, I understand people are compaining about the fact that she is sad about being infertile, to which I say that would be a genuine reason for being sad. I will say that people are right to complain about the lack of backing for female lead superhero movies, considering it’s the era of Hunger Games.)

These superheroes have to go up against the titular Ultron, a robot with a diabolical plan to destroy the world. I like this villain. Unlike Ronan in Guardians of the Galaxy, who was the serious traditional bad guy to counteract the heroes fun personalities, this robot has a sense of humour. He sings, he makes jokes. I love this sort of villain. I haven’t seen a comic book villain since The Dark Knight.

If I had one complaint with him, it would be his evil plan. Not that it’s badly executed or that his motivations and journey toward that plan are badly done, it’s that I’ve seen the same sort of thing so many times before.

I obviously cannot comment on continuity, but from what I’ve heard it’s solid between this film and the previous ones. As a newcomer, I understood the majority of what was going on. There was the odd time I would think, “who is that” and without searching my memory banks for Facebook spoilers from the past few years, I may have got lost for a few moments.

Those without the luxury of people going through all the major plot details of every movie online, whether or not the listener has even seen the movie, I can’t say you will totally get this film on its own.

While some say that the MCU is an example of Hollywood’s lack of originality and how it shuts out proper independent filmmakers, the proof is in the pudding when these movies turn out to be really, really good. I would prefer for more indie filmmakers to get a better chance of getting their work noticed.

However, let’s face it, most of those artists are initially inspired to make something beautiful when they watch some form of “popcorn entertainment”. I know that I was inspired by The Lord of the Rings over ten years ago. Interestingly enough, that was, in a way, a superhero team movie too.

Recommended Scenario: When you want to see a fun, smart and engaging crowd-pleaser. Also, watch the other 10 films first.

If what I have written tells you that you would like this film, you can book tickets to see it at your local Cineworld here.                                                                                       Cineworld

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