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The Mummy (2017)

Just so you know, my Dad was the one who insisted on seeing this film. He now owes me!

This is the third version of The Mummy released by Universal. This time we have an evil Egyptian Princess called Amanet whose resurrected from the dead to do evil things up against treasure hunter Tom Cruise.

Chained Up Quine

Oh god! The enchantress from “Suicide Squad”!

Nothing about this film entirely works. Right from the opening minutes where a bunch of Knights’ tombs are discovered while Crossrail is being dug and Russell as (get this) DR JEKYLL comes in and thinks a monologue to himself about the antagonist’s boring backstory. All the while a guy says, “digging for the tunnel has been moved 100 yards north”. WOW! We are in for a ride of disappointment.

Tom Cruise plays an unlikeable treasure hunter called I-Don’t-Care who along with two even more unlikable friends, one of whom he slept with and he won’t shut up about it, find a tomb in the desert, take the sarcophagus onto a plane which crashes in a cool way, unfortunately not killing them.

Everything about this film is tonally inept, laughably asinine or boring. The writing is crap, the direction is bland, the CGI is dark and silly.

This whole enterprise feels like an unpolished first draft to an unfinished script. They forgot to have a look at it. It is also a rushed attempt to make a reboot of the original cinematic universe, that being the Universal Monsters.

They’d better up they’re game if they’re going to make this franchise work. Hey, DC may have had a renaissance recently, anything could happen!

Recommended Scenario: Any other The Mummy film but this one. Maybe the cartoon TV show.

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