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Atomic Blonde

Listening to Kasabian while writing this review just feels so right.

Atomic Blonde (coolest title ever by the way) is an action flick featuring Charlize Theron as a spy sent to Berlin in late 1989 to recover some intel which could lead to the Cold War heating up.

Beat Up Charlize

Still beautiful, but wow that must have hurt!

This is one of those films with a very definite style about it. Everything has a washed out electric sort of feel. There’s some Guy Ritchie here and Tarantino there.

I don’t feel that it is particularly alienating to the audience, it certainly onnets well to the story and the characters. My only fear is that we get a thousand imitators that don’t get it, down the line.

Theron is all kinds of badass as an actress. While I would like to see her extend her range beyond her particular no-bull taking type, she hasn’t got the nuisance factor I’ve seen in other action ladies (looking at you Michelle Rodriguez).

Here she is in top ass-kicking form. She is definitely action heroine of the decade after this.

He fights and other action sequences are utterly extraordinary. Not only are they exquisitely filmed and choreographed, but they look like they hurt. Our lead bleeds for her goals.

One segment in particular transcends this to near action movie history.

Kind of a non-spoiler, but Theron at one point does get into some girl-on-girl relations.

There is a criticism I have in this and no, it’s not that it happens. It is in that the lady she becomes intimate with is inexcusably idiotic. I suppose she is supposed to be naïve, but she comes across as a moron.

The ending is also a bit convoluted. Blame me for not being smart enough, maybe.

The other thing I’d like to point out is that we need a bisexual spy film for the boys! Come on Hollywood!

Anyway this is a pretty damn good actioner with a kick-ass feel and some superb performances. Keep an eye on James McAvoy!

Recommended Scenario: If you’re in the need of electro-pop, eye-popping action.

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