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The Definitive List of the Best & Worst Movies of 2017 (according to one critic)

Was your 2017 good? Mine was a mixed bag. I didn’t watch as many new movies as I have in previous years. Not even 50!

Since it’s the end of a year, here are my Top 10s for Best & Worst of 2017! This year I’ve been lazy and put it all into tables.

Top 10 Best Films of 2017
1 mother!Mother-Jennifer-Lawrence-Darren-Aronofsky Darren Aronofsky’s latest proves that he is still the most daring quasi-mainstream filmmaker of the modern age. I have not left a film with my mouth so agape.
2 Moonlightmoonlight A delicately handled and supremely moving tale of growing up with your destiny seemingly decided for you. This won Best Picture at the Oscars for a reason
3 T2: Trainspottingmv5bmji0mte1odkzml5bml5banbnxkftztgwmtq1mtg5mdi-_v1_ux182_cr00182268_al_ This is one of the most satisfying sequels ever made. We find a film that grows a classic about your 20s into a classic about your whole life. What a great Scottish film!
4 Silencesilence A film showing the truth about being a hero of faith. Before we can be compared to gods we must compare ourselves to man.
5 Get OutGet Out A modern marvel. The greatest satirical film of the decade and a film that opened my eyes to the “northern fox” as Malcolm X put it.
6 Baby DriverBaby Driver No film has a better rhythm in everything from its soundtrack to its writing to its editing. Edgar Wright is one of Britain’s best contemporary directors.
7 DunkirkArt_Main A truly marvellous war film. This is the first film I’ve seen in a while from Christopher Nolan where he allows the distance he provides us and his characters to deliver something counter-intuitively even more personal and powerful.
8 Blade Runner 2049Blade Runner 2049 How do you follow up a legendary classic of a genre? You hire Denis Villeneuve and allow the story to be both simple and awe-inspiring. If Roger Deakins’ cinematography doesn’t win him his Oscar I will scream.
9 A Monster Callsa-monster-calls-poster This film even made my Dad cry. That’s how powerful it is.
10 David Lynch: The Art LifeThe Art Life This is a really personal pick, but what can I say, it’s my list. David Lynch is a mind we need in the late 2010s and this peep into his painting routes is just the taster I require.


Top 10 Worst Films of 2017
1 Beauty and the Beast (2017)BeautyandtheBeast-OfficalPoster I’m grossly offended by this film on a personal level. It takes advantage of an act of faux social progress to create publicity for a film that has no creative reason to exist other than as a reason to close cinemas down.
2 The Mummy (2017)The Mummy What the heck is this movie? Seriously what happened?!
3 Justice LeagueJustice-League-Poster-2 A film so utterly destroyed by external factors, it feels like you’re being forced to watch the 5 minutes of stoppage time for a game your team is losing 10-0 in.
4 Alien: Covenantalien-covenant-teaser Stop making Alien movies. Give Michael Fassbender some material he can use.
5 All Eyez on MeAll Eyez on Me I felt nothing at the end of this biopic about a great artist whose life was cut short. That is a failure right there. At least the central performance was great.
6 Whisky Galore (2017)Whisky Galore Pointless film, watch the original.
7 Ghost in the Shell (2016)Ghost-in-the-Shell-poster-2-large Again, pointless. I’m not that much of a fan of the original, but it at least offered something we hadn’t seen before.
8 Splitsplit_ver3 It’s a genuine shame that the best work a director makes in nearly two decades is still on my bottom top 10 list. This avant-garde horror film is almost there. It’s so close to being really good and if you like it, I can’t fault you for it. Sadly, can’t help but see the last remaining Shyamalanisms.
9 Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planetsvalerian I admire and respect the creativity in the world of this whole film so much and the balls for all these resources to go onto something we’ve not seen in a film before. I just wish that the writing and plot could match it’s majesty.
10 Kong: Skull Islandkong-skull-island I actually almost like this film as junk food entertainment. Unfortunately, some tonal problems land it on this list.

I hope that you have a marvellous 2018. Thank you for being with me for these past few strange years. Here’s to more.

P.S In actuality the best thing I’ve seen this year was Bojack Horseman. I binged all of it this year and I wish I could come up with something so emotionally rich.


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