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The Infiltrator

Before you shout at me, I have no excuse for the lateness of my reviews recently. I’m sorry.

Today on catch-up time, I’ll be reviewing a film I saw what feels like ages ago, The Infiltrator starring Bryan Cranston. He stars as an FBI undercover agent in the 1980s trying to take down the largest drug cartel in US history. This apparently actually happened though it wasn’t actually Bryan Cranston.

The best way to describe this movie would be if American Hustle took itself seriously. This is a film with comic moments rather than a comedy with a serious subject matter.

This plot’s love of procedure and the process of catching drunk baddies is a beautiful and. John Le Carre spy movie we see one man’s attempts to support an enemy far beyond the comprehension of his own government. I love this kind of movie.

Also Bryan Cranston in this movie, from the moment he is introduced with Rush’s Tom Sawyer playing, he oozes out cool.

His character is an interesting departure from the cliches of his time. The job affects the people around him, sure, yet apart from having to outwardly play his part a few times, he remains a good man. Many obstacles faced by this experience NARC are of his own doing.

Another fantastic element is his relationship with two colleagues Emir and Kathy. With the former, he has a partnership were both genuinely learn from one another while with the other he actually finds a true friendship, not some love triangle crap.

The film was rated through an ever so slightly dirty lens leading at 70s filmic quality I haven’t seen since Inherent Vice.

I’m sorry this little for me to say. It’s good. Sorry about the wait for something so anticlimactic.

Recommended Scenario: If you’re a fan of good solid thrillers.

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