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A Streetcat Named Bob

Time to see whether a cat can melt this cynical critic’s heart.

A Streetcat Named Bob tells the true story of junkie James Bowen, whose life on the street is turned upside down when a cat pounces into his life.


Mega aww!

This film belongs on TV, surely. A heartfelt story about a cat and his human? That’s grounds for filmmaking autopilot if I ever saw it.

From the first frame, I knew that some passion was behind the camera. We don’t get any generic stock aerial footage of the film’s setting, London. We get a gentle pan on a street to see James, alone, busking for his life.

I’m the first to admit that I’m not the pillar of empathy, but a movie like this is important for its frank depiction of what it is to be homeless in the modern world. We don’t get any political messages. There is no effort Tories or down with the war on drugs because we are faced with the ultimate truth of those causes. If you’re in that position of destitution, you not concerned with who did this to you, but how you will make it tomorrow.

Bob is in the movie. The actual Bob, the one the real James Bowen talks about in his book. For a debut feature, is a fine feline actor and the POV technology used to invoke his perspective as well handled.

This is a family film since it is easiest to market cute cat picture to such demographic. Thus parts of the movie are obviously toned down, particularly when it comes to the drug abuse. I didn’t mind that however. This is Greyfriar’s Bobby with heroin, not Trainspotting with kittens.

I have to admit that my heartstrings were indeed pulled by this little cat-based feels movie.

Recommended Scenario: I’m repeating myself a tad but this is a modern day Greyfriar’s Bobby. If that sounds like your thing, this is your movie.

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