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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

It’s too soon, I don’t feel Star Warsy enough! Last year I was so hyped, this year I forget how special it is to watch one of these movies.

Rogue One is the first anthology Star Wars film. While in canon with the other movies, this is not a direct sequel following the same characters. It takes place in the days leading up to Episode IV and follows a team of Rebels who are tasked with stealing the Death Star Plans.


Another British Female Lead? Rebel brothers, rebel!!!

I was very cautious going into this one. I loved Episode VII last year, but out of almost principle, I’m wary of introducing Marvel-style continuity to the main body of a franchise and would rather leave it lying in the apocrypha of the nerd sphere. Though, I suppose, if you don’t explore, you don’t get anywhere.

Right, the stuff that worked. The acting is pretty good all around. I know that doesn’t sound like much of a triumph, but if we are honest, in every Star Wars film except 7, even the good ones, there’s at least one bad performance.

The actors work well with their characters. They all have memorable qualities and while I can’t remember their names, they are a joy to be around.

Speaking of joy, the tone of this film is utterly perfect for where it lies in the Saga. Episode III, while very flawed, did have some of the darkest and most moving parts of the series. This was appropriate as the Empire was taking over and Vadar was appearing. This film’s tone is not really dark, but I wouldn’t call it light either. It’s like a Thriller, there’s a lot of urgency and it’s a great transitional tone for part IV where things get fun and a little goofy.

That urgency drives the pace which is super fun. There was not a point in this movie (which I saw at midnight_ where I was bored. Yet in that time we get some decent time with the characters between the superbly directed action and genuinely jaw-dropping effects (seriously one effect I daren’t spoil here blew my mind).

Despite my praise of the pacing however, therein lies one of my few genuine complaints. There are some scenes and moments in this film that could have been excised and the film would have been better for it. Like I said, these didn’t make me check my watch, but they did leave plot-threads dangling, show me some poor CGI, introduce elements too early for me to get the maximum effect of their reveal or just have a character over=explain their actions.

My other main criticism, if I’m being really nit-picky, lies in the form of a droid in the rebel team. I like this droid a lot. He’s fun to be around and he’s a real British with unlike the scaredy-cat that is C-3P0. Unfortunately, there are just a couple of instances where his humour was not welcome in my opinion. That’s me really looking for flaws.

Regardless of that, this movie straight-up rocks. Hell, I might do my own Phantom Edit to sort out those tiny removable chinks.

So is it better than The Force Awakens? Well, I need a little time, but the fact that I need that time is a good sign.

Recommended Scenario: If you’re a Star Wars fan. Apparently there are some of you who aren’t.

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