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David Lynch: The Art Life

If you’re not a Lynch-head, this might not be quite the film you need.

David Lynch: The Art Life is a documentary in which the great artist, Mr David Lynch tells his story as a man who grew up to love painting.


The smoke obscures him as much as his films.

The way this documentary is put together is nothing short of perfect. Rather than a third-person narrator giving us David’s story in interviews and voice-over of the same nature as a How do they Do It? show, Lynch sits in a room and speaks to a microphone, putting forth his life in his words.

This, beautifully intercut with his surreal paintings offer a glimpse deep into the soul of genius.

I must admit that I was more a fan of David Lynch’s films than his other work. Now I want to leap head-first into his bizarre world.

The story covers all the bases of Lynch’s life up until he made his first feature, Eraserhead. However, I’d argue that this isn’t fully about Lynch or his art. As the title suggests, this is about the Art Life. An arresting, powerful force from within any creative when they feel the joy of their craft.

Lynch remains an enigma. At least we can finally see him as a man.

Recommended Scenario: If you’re a true Lynch fan.

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